Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Blood Is Red - Tribute to May 13th Victims.

Blood is Red.

A mother gave birth her lovely newborn baby,
She cried;after pain and tears she face in deep misery,
As her blood splitted;her sweat and tears,
Joined with black ghost of fear,
All she ever wanted that this pain will be tears of joy,
And as she stares at her newborn boy,
Please,please don't let his hand been tortured and torn.

We as humans,regardless by race,
Regardless color of hair and face,
United by blood of red,
But seems to be fade,
Because of some greed,
They stole from those who need,
Because power and wealth differs us from each other.

Who those who bleed,
From the hands of greed,
I shall hold down my head,
And respect for those who dead,
As I walked this memory lane in mourn,
I shall say that "You'll Never Walk Alone".