Monday, March 9, 2009

Welcome to Blogger's Republic.

After the failure of Federation of Bloggers,as a moderator I felt dissapointing about some members who intend to hurt each other feelings.Hence,I decided to close down Federation of Bloggers and create new blog;The Bloggers Republic.

Old Federation of Bloggers can join this groupie blog,but behave with your words.Any arguements and discussion were allowed,but no racist marks,no copy-paste articles,and make sure you're writing your articles with a proper spelling(it's okay when your grammar not proper,but it's kinda annoying when ppl luv 2 spell l8 diz).

Anyway,enjoy to our brand new home;Blogger's Republic.



  1. alhamdulilah,ruang baru untuk mereka yang cintakan damai.

  2. Ez, this is a good new start.Let's start fresh!
    My email : in case anything :D

    P/S: How do I get to be one of the authors of this site?

  3. yup nami,this time,my control.who else know my dictatorship well than you,nami?hik hik!

    i already add you sis,all you have to do is to accept my invitation.and you're on!